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Cash5 WA 2018/19

Cash5: Helping you sell your wheat for cash.

Our objective is to deliver a nett return equal to or better than the average cash price on all grades from December to June. 

We sell your wheat for cash across the marketing window, spreading your risk and your return.


Important Information & Features

Manager Hayley Hobbs Market Exposure 17th Dec 2018 - 31st May 2019
Management Fee $4.00/t Payment Dates Payment dates are guaranteed for the dates nominated.
Payment Terms 5 days EOWD Ring-Fenced Yes, managed independent of all other trading activities.
Interest Rate 3.99% variable Early Contract Bonus No
Acquirer Code

CBH LoadNet:

Plum Grove Cash5

More Information

Download Fact Sheet

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Download Pool Providers Disclosure Guide (PPDG)- CASH5



  5DEOWD** 22/02/2019 22/03/2019 19/04/2019 24/05/2019 28/06/2019 05/07/2019
Option 1:
Five Payments
  1st Payment 2nd Payment 3rd Payment 4th Payment 5th Payment  
Option 2:
Advance Payment
Final payment
Option 3:
Deferred Payment
Final payment

* Subject to interest charges
** 5 days end of week (Sunday)


Live EPR's will be posted once Cash5 commences marketing. 

Cash5 Mandate and Sales

Cash5's mandates determine the upper and lower hedge at any given point in time.
This product can use physical sales and derivatives (futures, options and FX) to manage the percentage sold throughout the life of the program.


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