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Managed Pool WA 2015/16

Looking to market some grain pre-harvest? Look at the Managed Pool. Open 18 - 29 May 2015

Since 2008 we have returned $303 FIS per tonne on average for APW2 in the Kwinana zone. Spread your risk and leave the management to the trusted CBH and Plum Grove Managed Pool team. Proven performance from your trusted pool providers.

The Managed Pool is an actively managed wheat pool for growers wanting to market grain prior to harvest. The pool is hedged to provide price security, while still allowing for upside during the year.

The Managed Pool is jointly managed by the dedicated teams at CBH Group and Plum Grove; grain trading and marketing professionals who analyse the market every day.

CBH markets the physical wheat and provides security of payment as part of the CBH Group.

The Managed Pool’s objective is to deliver an above average return for your grain using active trading strategies.


Equities estimated 24/06/2021

Important Information & Features

Manager Plum Grove & CBH Ring-Fenced Yes, managed independent of all other trading activities.
Management Fee 3.25% of FOB Independently Audited Yes, see Terms and Conditions.
Payment Terms 7 days EOWD Payment Dates Payment dates are guaranteed for the dates nominated.
Interest Rate 4.61% variable Early Contract Bonus No
Acquirer Code

 Contract Required

More Information

Download Fact Sheet 


  Harvest January 2016 April 2016 July 2016
Distributions   40% Distribution 60% Final Distribution   
Harvest / Flexi Loan 80% Loan   20% Final Payment  
Advance 75% Advance   25% Final Payment  
Deferred       100% Final Payment

Each payment will be less proportional costs.



The pool finalisation date in April aligns the pool lifecycle with the hedging plan and to pay growers sooner. The deferred payment option is available with a 100% distribution in July.

  Albany Esperance Geraldton Kwinana
H1 $293.94 $293.08 $293.93 $295.97
H2 $285.94 $285.08 $285.93 $287.97
AUH2 $271.94 $271.08 $271.93 $273.97
APW2 $276.94 $276.08 $276.93 $278.97
APW1 $279.94 $279.08 $279.93 $281.97
ASW1 $273.94 $273.08 $273.93 $275.97
AGP1 $261.94 $261.08 $261.93 $263.97
FED1 $235.94 $235.08 $235.93 $237.97
AUW1 $259.94 $259.08 $259.93 $261.97
ANW1 $301.94 $301.08 $301.93 $303.97
ANW2 $291.94 $291.08 $291.93 $293.97

Hedging Mandate and Sales Program

The Managed Pool’s objective is to deliver an above average return for your grain using active trading strategies. The Pool has four key hedging period guidelines to ensure the Pool has a minimum level of price security, while allowing for upside during the year.

Hedging Period Guidelines

25% by June; 45% by August; 70% by November; and 100% by February.

Note: payments are determined by payment method, not hedging benchmark



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