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Protection Plus WA 2015/16

The ProtectionPlus Pool is a wheat pool that secures a growers bottom line first, then uses low risk option strategies to gain benefit from price rallies.

It offers growers increased confidence, early in the season of a minimum return for their wheat, by targeting a protection price in the event of a market downturn. The advantage is that the ProtectionPlus Pool is designed to participate in positive market movements, with upside potential.

The ProtectionPlus Pool is jointly managed by the dedicated teams at CBH Group and Plum Grove; grain trading and marketing professionals who analyse the wheat every day.

CBH markets and sells the physical wheat, providing growers security of payment through CBH Grain Pty Ltd.


Equities estimated 25/06/2021

Important Information & Features

Manager Plum Grove & CBH Ring-Fenced Yes, managed independent of all other trading activities.
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More Information

Download Fact Sheet 

Download Pool Providers Disclosure (PPDG)- Protection Plus


  Harvest January 2016 April 2016 July 2016
Distributions   40% Distribution 60% Final Distribution   
Harvest / Flexi Loan 80% Loan   20% Final Payment  
Advance 75% Advance   25% Final Payment  
Deferred       100% Final Payment

Each payment will be less proportional costs.



The pool finalisation date in April aligns the pool lifecycle with the hedging plan to pay growers sooner. The deferred payment option is available with a 100% distribution in July.

  Albany Esperance Geraldton Kwinana
H2 $319.76 $318.90 $319.75 $321.79
AUH2 $305.76 $304.90 $305.75 $307.79
APW2 $310.76 $309.90 $310.75 $312.79
APW1 $313.76 $312.90 $313.75 $315.79
ASW1 $307.76 $306.90 $307.75 $309.79
AGP1 $295.76 $294.90 $295.75 $297.79
FED1 $269.76 $268.90 $269.75 $271.79
ANW1 $335.76 $334.90 $335.75 $337.79
ANW2 $325.76 $324.90 $325.75 $327.79


The objective of the ProtectionPlus Pool is to protect a target price while capturing potential upside with the use of option-based strategies. 



How to Commit

The ProtectionPlus Pool is typically open from one to five days in the April to July period on an annual basis. Plum Grove and CBH Group will look to open the 2015/16 offering from July 2015 onwards.

Call CBH or Plum Grove to discuss your options.


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