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Plum Grove is a company with the benefit of local and international shareholders and business partners.

Today Plum Grove shareholders includes a mix of local ownership with international partners with consumptive demand for Australian wheat. Seaboard Corporation, the Salim Group and Mitsui all hold a strategic stake in Plum Grove. These companies hold strategic investments in grain processing assets in some of Australia’s largest established grain markets.

As a result the Board of Plum Grove consists of an exciting mix of Australian and International representatives with significant experience in global grain marketing and processing.


Plum Grove Board 

Independent Non Executive Directors

Mr. Dave Dannov, CEO, Seaboard Commodity Milling and Trading

Ms. Gail Cummings, Head of Trading, Seaboard Overseas Limited

Mr. Andi Soliamon, President, Indokemika

Mr. Susanto Sentausa, Senior Manager, Corporate Treasury Division, Indofood

Mr. Kane Fukuoka, General Manager, Feed Grain Project Department, Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

Mr. Jo Fujii, General Manager of Food Div., Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd


Executive Directors 

Mr Tony Smith

Executive Director

Mr Andrew Young

Chairman & Managing Director



More information can be found under the Partners page.

As with Salim and Seaboard, the strategic relationship with Mitsui creates more direct channels of supply between Australian growers and some of the most significant and important WA grain markets in Japan and Korea

Andrew Young, Chairman & Managing Director

Listen Global Act Local

Directly connecting growers to our shareholders and capturing the biggest wheat export markets.