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Australian Grain Growers Co-Operative

Following a comprehensive strategic planning process, AGG Co-op decided that the cooperative would be voluntarily wound up on the 30th June 2018, bringing an end Plum Grove’s long term partnership with AGG.

Through its completely ring-fenced subsidiary PGSA Pty Ltd, Plum Grove has continued to operate all active AGG managed programs in line with product mandates and terms. 




2017/18 Program Results

AGG Protect Wheat 


AGG Protect Barley 



AGG Harvest Wheat

AGG Harvest Barley

AGG Three Wheat 

AGG Three Barley

AGG Stars Wheat 

AGG 3Plant Wheat

Plum Grove directly connects growers to our shareholders and captures the biggest wheat export markets.



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Directly connecting growers to our shareholders and capturing the biggest wheat export markets.