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SA Cash Wheat Prices

Today's South Australia Wheat and Grain Cash Prices for Port Adelaide, Port Giles, Wallaroo, Port Lincoln and Thevenard.

Std Fixed Grade PricingPort AdelaidePort GilesWallarooPort LincolnThevenard

Published 22/06/2018


These are indicative grower bids please call 1300 411 155 first to confirm the bid and contract.

Plum Grove offers Cash Contracts for SA Growers.

Why use a cash contract?

Cash contracts can be taken out all year around.

They provide price certainty, although no participation should the market rise or fall once the contract is taken out.

How to enter into a cash contract

Simple phone Plum Grove Grower Services on 1300 411 155


Payment terms on cash contracting are 12 days after the end of week of delivery. Payment can be deferred until the start of the next financial year at the time of contracting.

Security of Payment

Payment terms are guaranteed at Plum Grove and we have a 100% on-time payment record.

All contracts have standard GTA contract teams, meaning your grain remains yours until you are paid for it.

Plum Grove is also backed by three of the largest grain trading companies in the world.

Peace of mind

Once you deliver against a Plum Grove cash contract, you will receive a delivery acknowledgement. This confirms your transfer and all payment details for the contract are correct.

All Plum Grove cash contracts  are subject to industry standard Grain Trade Australia (GTA) terms and conditions.


Cash Contract  
Pricing Mechanism Forward or Phyiscal
Price Certainty High
Downside Risk Zero
Washout Cost Replacement Value
Quality Payments None
Strategy Fits Locking in a market price for your grain


Plum Grove Uses GTA Standard Terms

Cash contracts done under standard GTA terms give growers the confidence of knowing that:

  1. Title for your grain does not pass to us until you are paid in full;
  2. You have an independent arbitration system through the GTA;
  3. Simple two pages terms. 

Document samples:

Plum Grove directly connects growers to our shareholders and captures the biggest wheat export markets.



Please call first to confirm the bid is still open.

These prices may have changed.

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Directly connecting growers to our shareholders and capturing the biggest wheat export markets.